Twitter is on sale, Google is ready to buy

Twitter is one of the top social media platform which has been majorly used by brands, companies, celebrities and many others. As per the latest metrics, Twitter has around 313 million monthly active users. So it is that much popular and powerful.

But now a new report published by the Reuters claim that the Twitter is currently looking for buyers. As you know, still Twitter is facing big financial issues as they are not gaining enough money to run the service. Unlike its opponent Facebook, Twitter’s paid campaigns and all such things are not really effective. So the earning is comparably low in case of Twitter. Advertising earnings are also less in the case of Twitter. According to the latest metrics, Twitter is running at a loss of hundreds of millions of dollars each year. So the team is struggling to cope with this situation. So they are currently looking for buyers.

But surprisingly, the tech giant Google is in the top of the interested buyer’s list. Not only Google, there is a company named is also ready to buy Twitter. But the intelligent analytics say Google will be the buyer. Most probably, there is a big chance for that. ¬†What do you think now ? Comment your opinions below.

Source : Reuters

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