Top five Astronomy Apps for Android

Stargazing through the night sky and the studies regarding the celestial objects are the hottest topics ever. To observe the sky to find out and distinguish each star with its characteristics, structure, and direction, you always need a star chart or star map in your hands. There are many astronomy apps available on Android to help you with the stargazing.

Here is a well-researched, best list of Android apps for astronomy.

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Best Astronomy apps for Android

Since most of the Android apps for Astronomy are free (and it is exactly what you need right now), all the below-mentioned apps are only for casual use and might not contain advanced options r features to explore the celestial objects to their deep.

Star Chart

Star Chart is one of the most popular, top-rated astronomy apps on Android’s Google Play Store among the stargazing app list. You could find over 30 million people across the globe using the app for the stargazing. The app makes use of most of the pointing and navigational sensors on your smartphone to show you the sky at its best. The virtual planetarium shows you the sky with the capability of Augmented Reality. You only need to point your smartphone to the night sky with full of stars and find out the details about them. There is n need to scroll or touch the screen to explore the night sky. It has a voice control option, close planetary vision, all 88 constellation structures, etc. You can accurately find the live details of the sky from any location in the world, even manually.

Price: Free | Download

Star Chart Android AppSkyView Free

The SkyView is an award-winning app on Play Store with its simple UI and advanced features. The app can find you the stars, planets, constellations and even artificial satellites from the night sky when you point your smartphone camera towards the clear night sky. It can even identify the space stations like ISS and space telescope Hubble.

You can also turn your camera interface green or night mode to find out the right stars from the sky easily. It also adds up an AR feature to show you the information interactively. One of the noticeable features is the Time travel which shows you the night from any date you choose.

Price: Free | Download

SkyView Android AppStellarium Mobile Sky Map

Are you looking for some astronomy apps for serious matters? Get the Stellarium – a fully featured astronomy and sky map app for Android smartphones. The app comes from the makers of the Stellarium app on PCs — Noctua Softwares. You can get the fully fledged app from Google Play Store at US$2.19. The app offers a complete map catalog of over 600,000 stars with live status on a 3D zoomable map. Many functions look similar to the PC, so the app would be easy to use for those who are already familiar with the older Stellarium app on Linux. It also provides asterisms of many Stellarium, artificial satellites and more. Use GPS and Accelerometer for the accurate night sky exploration.

Price: US$ 2.19/ INR 160 | Download

Stellarium Mobile Sky Android App

Starlight – Explore the Stars

Do you need a simple, easy-to-use app for stargazing? Choose the Starlight. The app got what you exactly need. You only need to simply open the app and point upwards the sky to find the direction of each star and constellation on the screen. You can then look up at the sky and find them using your naked eyes. It’s that simple. There are no much confusing options added to the app. 

Price: Free | Download

Starlight Android AppStar Tracker – Mobile Sky Map

If you want a simple app to explore the night sky without Internet data, the Star Tracker is a helper. The app data is completely offline. Almost every stars and constellation are visible through the app. It only acts as a map so that you might need to look up and find the stars with the help of GPS and the map. The free version of the app contains ads. You can also purchase the PRO version from US$2.99.

Price: Free | Download

Star Tracker Android appHope you found out the best apps to stargaze during your starry nights. Spread the words!

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