Top CS GO tips for new players

CS GO is a team shooter that has garnered a lot of popularity through the previous versions of the game such as CS Source or CS 1.6. Throughout the years a lot of great multiplayer shooters have come out for both PC and consoles, and long lasting franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield have established dominance on the genre. However, there is still a very dedicated and large community around CS GO which is the descendant of CS 1.6. Whether you’ve played that game and now want to take on the newest challenge or you’re completely new to multiplayer shooters in general, you are going to need a couple of tips to get you through the rough start. And you can be sure it’s going to be a rough start, even if you’re a born natural. So here are the best tips you should learn from before and as you play CSGO.


Reloading is something that new players do a lot because they think it gives them some kind of tactical advantage. It just seems like the pro thing to do, reload as often as possible. In reality, that’s not at all what happens. People especially get into the habit of reloading after each kill, mainly because they see the logic in having a full clip ready for the next encounter. But reloading takes time and before the animation is done, a new enemy could easily come down on you with retribution for what you’ve done to their teammate. Reloading also makes noise so you’ll be giving away your position. Having fewer bullets available in the clip is a good trade-off for maintain your stealth advantage over the enemy and catching the off-guard.

You’re a newbie, admit it

When you start out, just be yourself and be open to learning as much as you can. What you shouldn’t do is pretend that you’re something that you’re not. A lot of new players imitate stuff they see on streams or at professional competitions. They have no idea why that person was doing it, but it looks professional so they’re emulating it. This will only go off as a “newb alarm” as more experienced players will easily know that you haven o idea what you’re doing. They will most likely even call you on it, which will only make things more embarrassing for you. Sticking to your guns can be hard especially at first when you don’t have any, but honesty will earn you the respect of your team.


A lot of new players think the game is more realistic than it actually is. In real life, if a grenade would go off right next to you, you’d be in big trouble and if you would survive, you’d have a very hard time adapting to your new situation. And that’s a big IF, because most times people in that situation are pretty much done for. However, in CSGO, a grenade will do 50-something damage. That being said, you won’t be able to kill anyone with it even if you toss it perfectly. So don’t suicide by running in right after tossing one thinking that they’d be to disorientated by the frag.