Essential Assures the monthly security updates for their smartphones

Essential, the Company started by co-creator of Android Andy Rubin, just released their smartphone Essential PH-1 with a unbeaten hardware accompanied with pure android platform.

Today in a statement given to Andro Guider, Essential promised the monthly security updates and further frequent updates to the Essential PH-1. They said:

We’re committed to frequent updates an our goal is monthly security updates

Essential Assures the monthly security updates for their smartphones 2
source: Android Headlines

It is very difficult for all manufacturers to sync with the Google’s Monthly security updates to all their the smartphones running android operating system. Some smartphones are often stuck in some monthly updates or they were skipped to next month. This is another topic to be discussed at another occasion.

Essential is pure non-customized android, there isn’t much customizations are ready to  release on an update.But there will be frequent updates for the smartphone as per the words.

For sure, Essential smartphones worth their value. Essential smartphones will be hitting the smartphone industry with huge influence in the history of smartphones. And they will remain as the part of smartphone industry as they were already in the scenes of news.

It is not difficult for the co-creator of android, to alter and add more features and functions to their Ambient OS. Lets give handful welcome to Andy Rubin and his Essential.