Top Apps for Parents to Monitor Children’s Mobile Use

Children and mobile devices can be a really scary combination in the world today. Whether your kid is just using your family tablet or your young teen is getting her first smartphone, you should ensure that they will be safe from all the risks associated with such devices. There are many apps and software in the market that can be used to monitor and limit the mobile phone activity. If you worry about things such as cyberbullying or too much screen time, the following apps may help you greatly.

MobSafety Ranger Browser

This software caters to internet browsing safety and allows parents to set time limits on Internet use. It is a free app and allows parents to see their child’s browsing history and even set basic filters by whitelisting and blacklistingcertain online portals. This software also allows you to limit Internet access only to the times you allow it.

Dinner Time

This is another free app that allows you lock and unlock your kid’s Android device remotely. This comes in handy when you want to limitcellphone usage during study time, dinnertime and even bedtime. This device works only on Android devices so you have to ensure that your child is using a cellular device that runs on Android platform.


This application is for grown up children and teenagers who are difficult to handle and won’t submit to giving up their smartphones for parental inspections. Snoopza spy app allows parents to have track of all mobile activity of their children without them knowing that they are being tracked. You have to make an online account on the app’s website to be able to download the application. Once the application is downloaded you have to install it to your child’s phone and it starts working in the background and tracks all their activity at all times. The tracked data is sent to a secure online portal from where you can access it and be on the ball about your children’s activities.  If you have a teenager at home who you expect is involved in some activity that may be harmful for her then you can try Snoopza using this link.


This application is for little kids who have a knack of using their parents’ smartphones. It helps you develop a “sandbox” of applications that are kid-proof. This application can be downloaded for free and utilized as an optional child-lock. Although the free version is rather limited, but there are many interesting additional features that can be utilized at a cost about $1 to $5 per month. This magical app sorts your existing apps automatically and shows only parent-approved and family-friendly apps to your child. It even blocks, Internet access, clickable ads and calls while your toddler is using your cellular device. You can further block in-app purchases, social games, and many other applications using this application.

If the security of your children is of foremost importance to you, then try these apps and have a great time upbringing your kids properly.


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