Top #5 Books on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Are you coming across the terms like Blockchain and Cryptocurrency? Do you wish to learn more about it? Then you are on the right platform. This article will provide you all the required knowledge and recommend the five best books on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, which will expose your concept and knowledge on cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

If we think of cryptocurrency, we primarily use bitcoin prime website because it’s secure, anonymous, and cannot be traced. But in reality, cryptocurrency transactions are indeed secure but even more transparent than cash transactions. Every byte of data for every transaction gets stored in blocks and public ledgers, which, combined with multiple data, is known as Blockchain.

USD is for United States, EUR for many European nations, while INR is for India, with every nation having complete authorization over its currency. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, aren’t regulated or governed by any nation, bank, or private entity. Transactions can be made peer-to-peer without the involvements of financial institutions and banks.

  1. Blockchain Revolution  

Are you interested in learning the working and applications of Blockchain? Then this book is best recommended by experts in the field. It explains the technology behind Bitcoin that is changing money, business, and the world. This book ranked one in the best Blockchain book list 14 times out of the 19 times. The book explains that how blockchain technology improves existing security systems while continuing in making an even better financial solution for future.

  1. The Age of Cryptocurrency By Paul Vigna & Michael Casey

Are you glimpsing for complete guides for understanding everything about cryptocurrency? Then this book offers you an ideal understanding. This book will clear all your aspect about cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), including its past, present as well as future speculations. All benefits and drawbacks are brilliantly explained, along with the explanation of how cryptocurrency will change the economy of the world. It’s the best guide for learners who wanted investing in Bitcoin.

  1. Mastering Bitcoin By Andreas Antonopoulos

While hundreds of cryptocurrencies are active in the decentralized financial market, Bitcoin still remains as monopoly with immense popularity and highest market capitalization. And if you are planning on investing your fortune into this profitable asset, then what better read could be there than Mastering Bitcoin. The author has brilliantly explained deep insights on Bitcoin, how it grew from zero and what its future potentials are, and how it can revamp the DeFi system.

  1. Digital Gold By Nathaniel Popper

If you wish in reading on the beginning of cryptocurrency with fundamental workings, this book will offer satisfactory explanations on Bitcoin. Nathaniel Popper neatly explained the advantages and disadvantages of DeFi technologies.

  1. Cryptocurrency Investing Bible By Alan Norman

The book explains the way to invest in Bitcoin and beyond. The overview of the book suggests that this book is written with sincerity and gives advice on long-term investment while giving ways in making money in crypto investments.

I have personally read through few of the aforementioned books, and I am impressed how the authors described Bitcoin and cryptos in such easy terminology. Even if you are an amateur, you won’t face any problems in understanding.

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