This case comes with an in-built ‘airbag’ to protect your smartphone

Everyone is so afraid of the cracked screen of the smartphones. So it is essential for the smartphone users to protect devices from falling from the height. As the smartphones nowadays come with super-resolution displays, the replacement scheme is even expensive. Now, a student from Aalen University, Germany developed a groundbreaking smartphone case that can save you a lot, named “AD Case.”

Smartphone Airbag - AD Case
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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos lately came up with a similar idea, that pulls down the phone to the floor very slowly due to its pressurized air outcome downwards. But, it could not make an impact. The new mechanism by the student from Germany, Philip Frenzel, is much practical and sports a simple mechanism. There are eight curved and folded feet that are compressed down to the case. When the smartphone is under a freefall, all the springs lose the tensions and comes out to protect the device. The phone will hit the ground on eight legs, both sides.

Philip also claims that the case costs very less and affordable. You can purchase a case for your smartphone, which is better than getting a screen replacement for a huge amount. The current prototype uses the proximity sensor and accelerometer readings of the smartphone to detect the freefall. But it can also trigger in some uneven cases, even when we jump with the smartphone in the pockets. However, we could expect the developing team would make the device better with some more additions, accuracy.

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