The Top 4 Professional Crypto Trading Terminals

Anybody even remotely experienced in cryptocurrency trading will be able to tell you that cryptocurrency trading terminals are one of your most essential decisions. While it may just seem like another tool to the outside onlooker, suitable crypto trading terminals can be the difference between someone choosing to pursue cryptocurrency trading and never wanting anything to do with the field. This isn’t just limited to the features they have; good trading terminals will go above and beyond to make your time trading crypto at bitcoin rush easier through great and more simplified UX and UI design.


Shrimpy is quite newbie-friendly but exceptionally powerful trading terminal. It has an intuitive, clean, modern, easy-to-grasp UI where most options are easily in reach but can easily accommodate long-time, experienced professionals. It’s easily the most widely usable on this list. It allows for copy-trading, portfolio rebalancing, different types of crypto weighting, dollar-cost averaging, smart routing, leader exchange monitoring, and tons of other advantageous features.

There is no mobile app, however, but you can use the web-trading terminal on any mobile phone. Let’s now look at the pricing; Shrimpy features an affordable 3-tier pricing plan that you can choose to pay monthly or yearly based on your personal usage needs. You can also check out its free trial plan before starting full-fledged on this fantastic platform. But before, I recommend checking the pricing page on their website to see which features are most important to you.


3Commas is quite an oddball on this catalog. It’s advanced and has tons of unique features, but its primary purpose is to automate and provide innovative botting services. These are some of the best on the market and definitely worth checking out. 3Commas does not have any limited features, and I’m certain that almost any feature most people may need is present. There’s no lack of support either, as it’s constantly being updated with features and improvements.

Surprisingly, 3Commas also features an intuitive mobile application that offers nearly every feature available on its full-fledged desktop platform. And in my usage, it’s much responsive and snappy than Shrimpy’s web-trading portal.


Altrady is probably my favorite one from this list. It’s completely customizable, beginner-friendly but holds nothing back for experts, very pleasing on the eyes, and the same general feature set as the rest on this list, except for, of course, 3Commas’ extensive automation. One very lucrative method is to use 3Commas’ automation services paired with Altrady’s terminal. Altrady does also has its fully functional mobile app, mirroring its complete desktop version.


This one is quite doozy. Caspian is – by huge margins – the most fully-featured one on this list. There’s just about nothing that Caspian cannot do. It’s unbelievably complex and definitely not recommended for individual use. And I mean precisely the same! Caspian is recommended for teams of professionals who are handling different aspects of cryptocurrency trading. You could write entire volumes of books and still won’t be able to cover Caspian’s features.

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