XIaomi launches Blackshark Helo with 10GB RAM and AMOLED screen

Xiaomi Black Shark Helo AndroidHits

As a follow-up to the Black Shark series of gaming smartphones, Xiaomi released an upgraded version of their powerful machine Black Shark Helo in China today. The smartphone comes with almost similar scheme of hardware on the board, though, with improved phases of the key features including the RAM and the display. Let us go … Read more

Xiaomi’s Gaming Smartphone Black Shark gets over 1 million registrations

Xiaomi Black Shark

Xiaomi’s recently introduced gaming smartphone Black Shark reportedly gets over 1 million registrations. The smartphone hasn’t yet launched in the markets yet, but it gets these much registrations already. Many people across the globe are pretty interested in this ultimate gaming phone. Some recent announcements such as the topmost Antutu score and other performance insights … Read more

Top 10 features that make Xiaomi’s Blackshark an ideal gaming smartphone

Top 10 features that make Xiaomi's Blackshark an ideal gaming smartphone 1

Xiaomi-backed gaming smartphone brand BlackShark in China launched their first gaming smartphone in the country today. The BlackShark gaming smartphone was rumoured to come with appealing hardware features on the board, with everything that a gaming smartphone should be carrying. Now, the smartphone industry has a rival for the Razer’s gaming smartphone, and let us … Read more