Song Recognition finally comes to Google Assistant

Google has finally started rolling out a new update for the Google Assistant with Music Recognition right from the assist window itself. The Music recognition feature from Google has been added to the second generation Pixel smartphones launched a couple of months ago. Now, the new element is embedded with every update of the Google Assistant, and all you need to do is just ask the Assistant “Which song is this?” or “What song is playing?” or any similar queries.

Song Recognition finally comes to Google Assistant 2
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The Song recognition feature has been there with Amazon Alexa speakers and Microsoft’s Cortana. The Cortana used its own algorithm to identify the music, whereas the Amazon Alexa is added with a Shazam skill which lets the users search for any music via Alexa, which takes out the result from Shazam database. The new feature in Google assistant is possibly based on the internet giant’s methods, and the Google Play Music features. While searching for the music, the result shows a search query result along with Music details, singer and with a lyrics portion. Also, we can get the youtube link to the song right from Assistant.

The Google Assistant identified most of the songs, and some of the songs in local languages need to be added to the recognition list. The update is currently under rolling and will hit every Android smartphone soon. Stay tuned!

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