Snapchat Glasses spotted with a camera in a leaked video

Many reports said that Snapchat is developing a smart wearable Gadget to make ease and fun with using Snapchat. It is a pair of Sunglasses, but functions resembling to the ‘Google Glass’ which was struggling badly for existence a couple of years back, but couldn’t make even a bit of sense in market. The alleged ‘Snapchat Glasses’ is also the similar gadget, but seems like designed for casual occasions, not for daily usage.

The stylish Specs from Snapchat, the “Snapchat Glasses” is spotted on a leaked video, a few hours ago with a frame mounted camera on it with Flashlight like illuminated particles around it. The leaked one is very similar to the Protoype which had been spotted one year ago with the Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. The leaked video teases a recording of special event, a Child’s birthday party. This is the first evidence for the existence of the Glasses after spotted along with Evan Spiegel.

The leaked video footage of Snapchat Glasses from Youtube has been taken down by Snapchat using Copyright Claim. Fortunately, Business Insider had saved the video and captured some pics for the reference.


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