Skype for Android revamped: themes, activity indicators, chat sorting options

Within hours of one major update to Skype, they have released one more feature update. The PayPal integration is one of best accessibility feature for Skype. Moreover, the new update integrates more personalisation, more feature sets, and all. The app update is available now in PlayStore with  Skype Version 8.3.

From the startup, skype will take you for a quick intro to new features. First of all, you can personalize your Skype with two theme options. The traditional materialistic Light and Dark themes look gracious on your smartphone screen. The Light theme shows up a full white look, while the Dark theme leads with a gray background, easing the eye strain. As mentioned above, the first time you open the app, Skype will ask you to select one of the both.

Activity indicators are those dots appeared on the bottom right of the profile pictures, which was featured only in Windows till the day. Now, these Activity Indicators will show up green colored dots on the Contacts’ profile pictures aforementioned.

And then comes some sorting options, which eases the accessibility a far more. These bunch of sorting ops will help you to list out your conversations by, Recent, Unread, Active. Moreover from these changes, of course, Skype is updated with general performance and reliability improvements. Go for the upgrade and experience the new revamped Skype.

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