Google opens a preview program for Google Home owners

Google has announced the first every preview program of Google Home services. Today, in an event, Google unveiled the information about this new preview program for the Google Home users. If you are a Google Home user, you can signup for this preview program to experience new features bit earlier than normal users. In return, you are supposed to give feedbacks to Google development team.

If you don’t know, Google already has a preview program for the Google Chrome cast users. With the addition of Google Home, Google is expanding their devices preview program. To recall, Microsoft first started preview program with the biggest number of beta users for their Windows 10 operating system. Now, Google is welcoming beta testers for their hardware’s preview program.

Google says: The Preview Program is a user opt-in channel that updates your Chromecast or Google Home with the latest firmware version before it is made broadly available. ┬áThis gives members of the program early access to features and improvements on their device. It’s an exciting way to get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest updates – and tell them what you think!

However, this is a cool program for nerds who are interested in testing out new things before they become broadly available in the market. If you are interested in joining the program, use this link.


6 thoughts on “Google opens a preview program for Google Home owners”

    • No, they will just take away such features quicker: You will lose features when non-preview users can still use them for a few more weeks.

  1. Well, I guess Google Home is prepping for the Chromecast integration and proactive notifications.
    At least that’s my reasoning as to why it is only just now offering a preview program.

  2. I’m on the preview program for chromecast and have had no issues. But my home usually works well, not sure I want to risk that considering how much I use it

    Side note, anybody still getting emails about preview firmware for the cc? I haven’t gotten one since the program started


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