Samsung’s Bixby-powered AI speaker to be named as ‘Magbee’

We have been hearing a lot of rumours regarding an AI-powered smart speaker from the South Korean electronics manufacturing giant Samsung ever since they announced the first version of the Bixby on Samsung Galaxy smartphone series. Later the company released the Bixby 2.0 that came up with developer support, which raised the expectations towards a smart speaker like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant powered speakers. Well, it is almost confirmed that the company will release one, now or later. A recently found patent information on KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) website confirms the name and trademark logo for the smart speaker series that Samsung is prepping up to launch.

Samsung Magbee AI Speaker Patent AndroidHits
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According to the patent file, the Smart speaker is named as Samsung Magbee. The patent website describes the product as “SAMSUNG Magbee Magnetic beetle, a sleek wireless dial wheel,” that hints towards some mini speaker similar to Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot. The document also reveals the official logo it might carry – a beetle, as described in the patent title.

Samsung Magbee Speaker Logo
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Reports from Korea, the homeland of Samsung, suggest that the speakers will be manufactured by Harman, Samsung owned audio solutions manufacturer. So far, we have no precise information regarding the physical appearance of the smart speaker, that the company is about to launch soon. As it is mentioned about a dial, the speaker would be small, sleek and round. There is also a chance that the company would adopt an oval shape for the AI smart speaker, powered by Bixby personal assistant.

Moreover, as per the trademark applications filed across the EU and the US, the Magbee speakers can vary in size from small-sized dial to big home theatre. It also passed the wireless consortium regulatory checks. So, it is evident that Samsung aims towards a complete wireless home control device with it.  We also assume the Samsung Magbee Smart Speakers to see the light along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phablet on August 9.

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