Samsung ships over 20 million units of Galaxy S8 Devices: Record

Samsung stroke the smartphone industry at a huge rate on releasing Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus devices. Till today, Samsung has managed to ship 20 million units of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The market research firm Strategy Analytics reported this milestone achievement. This achievement is one of the greatest things for a Smartphone OEM to have and Samsung acquired the peak.

Since from April 21, the launch date of Galaxy S8 flagships, the day by day shipments crossed 278,800 units till the last month. The analytic report generated as per the study in the period of April-June. Within this short time, the smartphone giant has shipped 19.8 million devices. This tremendous achievement made an advantage in the average selling price of Samsung Devices to see the highest peak.

Some reports stated that Samsung went down in the sales of Galaxy S8 devices last month. Here is a quick answer from Samsung to such reporters. Samsung also announced that the sale of Galaxy S8 devices is going up with 15% more than that of its predecessors in the same segment.
In July Company Called at a public conference which briefed that the sales of Galaxy S8 are going up. In fact, the sales were double that of the Galaxy S7 devices. By this bone strength, Samsung has again topped the Global Smartphone Market.

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