Samsung to recover rare metals including Gold from the Galaxy Note 7 units

Samsung today announced that they are starting the recycling process of the Galaxy Note 7 devices. They are planning to recover 157 tons of rare metals that include Gold from the Galaxy Note 7 units. Samsung faced big loss last year with the battery defect and the cancellation of that model. Now Samsung is planning to recover some by recycling the parts of the returned units.

Along with this announcement, Samsung revealed that they will avoid e-wasting by utilizing the parts of the Galaxy Note 7 for the Galaxy Note FE smartphone. Also, they will extract the rare metals that were included with the device’s hardware parts.

In its new announcement, Samsung said it will recover components like OLED display modules, memory chips, and camera modules from Galaxy Note 7s and reuse them for repairs or recycle them. Rare metals, including cobalt, copper, and gold, will be recovered during the recycling process.

Samsung Electronics will continue to expand its eco-friendly method of collecting and processing old products as well as new products and plan to actively lead the industry in terms of environmental protection and resource recycling. 



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