Amazon Alexa support launched for HTC U11 the in US

As expected, HTC launched Alexa support for HTC U11 smartphone in the United States. Starting today, you can activate Alexa digital assistant by squeezing your U11 smartphone. Alexa will start it service and will serve you better with your voice commands.

A few days ago, HTC’s official Twitter page teased the availability of Alexa in HTC U11 smartphones. Now as expected, they’ve launched the service officially in the US.  You can just say “Alexa” and Amazon’s popular assistant will spring to life, ready to hear your request. It’s the first phone that provides a similar hands-free Alexa experience to an Echo or Echo Dot in your home.

The service is integrated with the HTC Edge Sense app and you can use it without any bugs or issues. The service is currently available in the US only. As per the official information, soon it will be available in other markets.


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