Samsung Gear 360 pre-order starts for € 349 in Germany

Samsung had launched their first 360 VR camera, Gear 360 in MWC 2016, along with Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge devices. But they have not revealed its clear availability dates around the globe. Now, the Samsung Germany website listed the Gear 360 camera for pre-order priced at 349 Euros. Samsung also gives a discount of 3% for the Samsung account holders.

The actual price for the Gear 360 was not revealed by Samsung. But from the Samsung Germany pre-order site, it is approximate to 389 USD. LG’s 360 Cam was already gone sale in Amzon and from other dealers priced from €230 to €250. Other European countries including UK are not getting the Gear 360 for pre-ordering. Company’s U.S website says that the item will be available from this Spring, soon to get.

Currently, Korea is getting the Gear 360 VR Camera at 399,300 KRW. Apart from the Korea, now the Germany is the only country getting Gear 360.

Pre-order it now.

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