Samsung Galaxy S8+ 6GB/128GB launched in Brazil

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Samsung launches a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage variant of Galaxy S8+ in Brazil. You can now buy this variant in Brazil for BRL 4,799, which is almost equal to $1500. The device debuts in the county with Midnight black colour. This model is completely manufactured locally in the country.

Featuring a sleek, bezel-less design that flows over the phone’s sides, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ incorporate cutting edge mobile technologies that enhance the user experience. Included among these features are immersive Infinity Display, unified UX and Dual Pixel camera.

Galaxy S8+ builds on Samsung’s heritage of creating stunning designs and meaningful innovations that transform people’s lives. The Infinity Display and bezel-less design give you 18% more screen and form a smooth, continuous surface with no buttons or harsh angles, making multitasking more convenient with the 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 and 6.2-inch Galaxy S8+. The physical home key on the front has given way to a more intuitive soft key with a pressure sensor that is embedded under the display.




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