Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Launched with Fortnite Exclusive

Samsung just launched one of its biggest models in all the ways that matter. The Galaxy Note 9 has a larger screen than its predecessors, boasts an improved camera, gigantic storage and a stylus pen connected via Bluetooth. Note 9 looks to be setting itself up as the lead competitor for the new iPhone lineup which the comparison site Tiger Mobiles leaked earlier this month with a hands-on video. It even has the price to match. True to Samsung form, the smartphone is powerful and delivers an impressive performance. The phone has been on the market for a few days, and it may not be possible to look at everything it can or can’t do. This Note 9 review explores some of the specifications that consumers get. 


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The Note 9 and Note 8 have a similar look, which is to say that Samsung did not spend any time trying to enhance the overall design on the device. It also feels the same weight as its predecessor, but it is heavier by about 6 grams. The screen is Super AMOLED and measures 6.4 inches, which is brand’s largest attempt yet. It is also a bit wider than the Note 8. You get the basics on a phone of this scale, and that includes a fingerprint sensor. Unlike the iPhone X, it has a headphone jack. For durability, the device has an Ingress Protection of 68, which means resistance to dust and water penetration. 

Under the Hood

Samsung’s newest flagship phone runs the Android Oreo OS with a touch of the Samsung Experience software. The phone comes equipped with the popular Fortnite game. The exclusive access to Fortnite is only for a while. Samsung users with Galaxy 7 and above will be the first to enjoy the game on the Android platform. Note 9 carries the Snapdragon 845 processor. It has a 4,000 mAh battery that is larger than the previous Galaxy Note. You get a full day of service, but that is why most smartphones will offer today. The device is fast, offers seamless navigation and intuitive response. 


Note 9 comes in two variants, the 128 with 6GB RAM and 512 GB with 8GB RAM. Unlike its competitor, the iPhone X, this Galaxy has a slot for an SD card, which can expand to 512 GB. It means that you can get a phone with 1 TB storage, which is a first of its kind. Of course, you have to factor in the memory that the system and other features take up, but still, you get plenty of room for high-quality videos and photos. 


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Samsung is upping the camera game with improved technology in the Note 9. Users can expect unparalleled clarity and dual aperture technology that lets one of the back cameras switch settings during different lighting conditions. The Note 9 has a front camera of 8 megapixels and two 12-megapixel cameras at the back. Samsung has boosted the camera on this device with AI technology that allows them to optimize saturation, white balance, and contrast to suit specific subjects. 


The Note 9 comes with just as preposterous a price tag as the iPhone X. In India, preorders are already available with the 128 GB going for Rs. 67,900 while the 512 GB variant is about Rs. 84,900. As of August 10, consumers were pre-ordering Samsung’s latest addition to its flagship range. Pre-orders are available at selected stores, including Samsung Mobile and Amazon. The financing options vary from one story to another, so customers will have to check with specific retailers. Given that it only comes with a few upgrades from the Galaxy 9, the price is quite high. 

As always, Samsung does not disappoint when it comes to upgrading their flagship devices. The Note 9 may not look different from the Note 8, but it comes with a bigger battery, bright display, and AI-supported cameras. The phone promises to be fast with a bundle of features that promise exciting performance.

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