Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Camera Features Along With Sample Images Leaked

The next highly expected premium smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 8’s camera features along with the sample images got leaked on a Dutch website, GalaxyClub. The site reported the images stating the source as ‘from Samsung’s own materials’ when the text is being translated by the Google Translate.

The mentioned article from the site reveals the camera features of the Note 8 will include, optical zoom, and greatly improved low-light performance better HDR mode, and the ability to measure depth in 3D. It even reveals the name of the upcoming dual-camera unit in the device, calling ISOCELL Dual configuration which was previously used in dual cam version of the Galaxy J7 (2017) launched in China. Let’s have a look at the features of the device,

Let’s have a look at the features of the alleged device;

Smart Zoom:  The device was rumored to come in dual-camera setup, is now expected to have a 3x optical zoom which definitely is a smart feature. Since the preview images below show how long it can magnify.

Refocus & Depth Application: It even says the new sensor can measure the depth of imaging. So called a logical feature of the dual camera, it is distinguished that it is the first time Samsung indirectly highlights the potentialities of Advanced Capturing. The 3D Depth feature will analyze according to distance and height of the object that the user tries to shoot.

Brighter, Super Night Shot and Better HDR: Under the Brighter headline, it shows the dual cam can accept more light through it sensor making the picture brighter when shot in dark environment. The HDR or high dynamic range images will show you the magic of Samsung’s brand-new sensor along the Super Night Shot.

Perspective View & Background Effect: With the Perspective View feature you can rotate your shots with the Galaxy Note 8 camera once after you’ve taken them, and also the ability to zoom in and measure depth take it to another zenith of photography. And the Background Effect will give you impressive blurred effect which is cited to as the ‘psychedelic tricks’ of the sensor.

The Forbes has now reported revealing the source of these images as obtained from the US Federal Communications Commission. Anyway, we’re all eagerly waiting to get the awesome device to be launched at the earliest, what do you say?

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