Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) users face random reboots after Oreo update

Upgrading to the latest Android versions or the newest OTA updates may put the smartphones into trouble, mostly due to several bugs. The latest victim of the Android oreo update bug is the Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017). Several users from the US and EU reportedly get random reboots after getting the updates, which is quite odd among other smartphone users. So, the company has to look at the issue much seriously.

A user from the US wrote in the Samsung online community that the device is completely broken after an update which upgraded the smartphone software to Android Oreo. The device kept restarting over a loop and did not stop. Also, the user says the battery drained out in only 4 hours and the smartphone freezes often. The inconsistency also leads to the app crashing issue on the devices.

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 Oreo Bug
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The bug is not just another update anomaly which could be solved with a Factory Reset. Many users tried the multiple factory resets and the device showed the same behaviour over and over again. Aside, some users from Europe report the rebooting bug starts only after connecting to some Wi-Fi networks like Eduroam. Users from Switzerland reports the issue persisting whenever the device connects to any public Wi-Fi network.

This is not the first time a Samsung smartphone face similar issues after Oreo update. Galaxy S8 and S7 flagships too had similar problems, which forced the company to call off the OTA update temporarily. The company is expected to release a patch soon, deliver a bug-free version of OS update.

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