Samsung Deals: Get Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus with $200 off

Samsung is up with a nice deal in the market. The deal is accompanying Samsung’s unbeatable smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

Samsung is going to cut off $200 for their Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus by trading them in with any working smartphone. Samsung offers this $200 off for new 64GB variants of S8 and S8 Plus. Have you ever thought of replacing your old phone with new one? Then this is the right time to grab the conquerors of Smartphone Industry.

The first criteria for trade in is that the phone should work. In the way, the old handset meets those requirements, Samsung is ready to cut off $200 for S8 and S8 Plus, bay taking that oldie for that bucks. See the requirements for trade-in below:

  • Phone Should Power On
  • No Cracked Screens
  • Not Bricked Yet
  • Not Blacklisted
  • Normal Tear & Wear are eligible
  • OS must be Android or iOS

There is a key term in the terms and conditions sections. Under any circumstances, the trade-in will be rejected, if the device for replacement is not meeting the requirements. If Samsung has got such a thought on that device, they will put $25 instead of $200. It is better to take a ‘back up’ of the oldie to give them moderate evidence.

Offer has one more branch. If you are planning to add a recent device for trade-in Samsung is ready to give $300 in back for S8 and S8 Plus, under above criteria. If interested in trade in, hit the given link below, and get those gorgeous pieces of craft. Apologies, this offer is only set out in U.S.

Get Into Trade-In

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