Samsung to bring Samsung Pay into non-Samsung devices

Samsung is reportedly working on to bring their own mobile payment service Samsung Pay into their rival smartphones. One of the best smartphone manufacturer and the best memory technology developer Samsung has been into literally every aspect of the smartphone field. Their domination extends from Apps to Flagship smartphones with killer features. Last year, the company had launched Samsung Pay service, a parallel service to the Google Pay and APple Pay which enables the user to use their eligible smartphones as Credit cards or whatever used to shop. Initially, the service was available to their few flagship devices in Galaxy Note and S Series. But apart from that several months ago, the company has announced a miniature version of the Samsung Pay named Samsung Pay Mini which was actually integrated with some mid-range smartphones launched in India.

Samsung has already announced their plan to make their own smartphone based payment system stronger and widely used. As a part of, the company is currently working on to bring the service to their entry-level and mid-range smartphones. Now, the reports claim that the company is definitely moving towards the other non-Samsung smartphones with Samsung Pay. Samsung has a big plan to make their payments platform support so stronger. Currently, by comparing with its rival services by Google and Apple namely Android Pay and Apple Pay, the Samsung Pay is based on Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) protocol which just needs an MST based processor. It will enable the users to use their Payment system without any physical credit/debit/shopping cards, even in NFC unsupported PoS (Point of Sale)  machines.

Interestingly, we have also heard about a report claiming that the Samsung is also in a high-level discussion regarding developing a new device which will make every smartphone eligible to support Samsung Pay with Magnetic Secure Transmission. The company has already started supporting PayPal and Visa checkout in USA< and has a plan to add the support for Indian mobile wallet service PAyTM and India’s Universal Payment system UPI (Unified Payment Interface).

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