Samsung brings Bixby-AI to Galaxy A7 (2017) in South Korea

Samsung has just rolled out the Bixby Artifical Intelligence Personal Assistant from the company itself, Bixby on to their mid-ranger smartphone Galaxy A7 2017 edition in their homeland South Korea. The Bixby was launched back in early 2017, along with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ after a long period of wait.

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) was announced globally back in AJnuary this year and just launched in South Korean Market with all the specs same. The Samsung has announced the availability of Bixby AI with their latest flagship smartphones SA8 and S8+ initially, later they integrated the Artificial Intelligence assistance with their revamped Galaxy Note 7 (Note FE) in South Korea. It seems like Samsung is testing their latest features in their Homeland to roll out globally later. The new Bixby addition to the Galaxy A7 (2017)  doesn’t toggle up with any hardware tweaks. Everything has been configured with software and has limited to an extend at the initial time. You will not be able to prompt the Bixby with an activation button like in S8 and S8+ because it has not gotten one. By rolling out the Bixby t a midrange smartphone for the first time, Samsung is trying to prove that the Bixby AI can work correctly on any of their smartphones and is not limited to specific phones. The Bixby addition is excited to roll out to more smartphones sooner.

Samsung has already promised to bring a  voice command and assistant setup to the Bixby but has not even tested one out if the box so far. By adding the Bixby to more smartphones, the South Korean OEM giant is expected to rollout much-improved version of the Bixby with more features like Voice, recently added Credit Card and Banking features, etc.

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