Huawei launches KFC Special edition Huawei Enjoy 7 Plus smartphone in China

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The world’s biggest fast food chain KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) turns 30 years old this year. So as a respect to the world’s one of the biggest food revolution, Huawei has launched a new special edition smartphone. Huawei in China launched the KFC edition of Enjoy 7 Plus smartphone.

The phone offers the same features of the normal Enjoy 7 Plus smartphone. However, it has an interesting design. It comes in a red color body and the logo of KFC has been engraved on the back side of the phone. As you can see in the above image, the phone comes with Colonel Sanders’s face engraved on the back side.

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As per the information, they will release only 5,000 units of the KFC phone. They are priced at CNY1,099 or around $160. This is the statement from their Weibo channel (translated from Chinese):

Kentucky China 30 years from 1987 to 2017, 30 years accompanied by the taste of the times, suck refers to the aftertaste! Kentucky together with Huawei joint cooperation, the introduction of Huawei Chang enjoy 7 Kentucky commemorative version of gorgeous struck! Commemorative Edition laser back carving, pre-installed Kentucky Super APP, with WOW member 10 thousand K gold, but also the first to experience k-music song function. Limited to 5000 will soon be on sale, waiting for you to grab!”

Source WEIBO
  1. Zuang Asao says

    wow… This is insane. Huawei… you are crazy… WTF am I seeing. Can’t believe lol.

  2. Mathew Brett says

    I will buy this for sure. Interesting product. Gonna rock.

    1. Akhil G says

      Let’s test the taste of KFC Phone.

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