Rodeo Stampede is coming to Play Store on June 23 from the developers of Crossy Road

Do you like the Crossy Road game on Android, from the game publishers Yodo1Games ? If you haven’t played it, try once. It is a nice 2D-3D pixel textured game for Cross-platforms, which recently have got included a character of PSY, the “Daddy” from one of his albums. The same publishers of that popular game, is now preparing to launch their new game on Google Play Store on June 23, with some interesting gameplay levels.

The game story is happening in a forest of a Zoo, where animals gone mad. The player character is trying to escape from the chaos of the apocalyptic situation. Runner can grab animals from the forest while running, to travel faster and safer for a short time. Tamed animals are taken to the Sky Zoo, where players can show their creature collection to the NPC public and charge in-game currency for admission.

Most of the crossy Road game fans were waiting for such an interesting, but not with too luxurious graphics games from the developer. Now it’s gonna happen. We are a few weeks back from the date. So keep your eyes sharpen and look on to play store for getting the game firstly.

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