#RIP: Nextbit to drop the support for Robin smartphones by the end of this month

Image source: nextbit

Finally, they are ending the support for the Nextbit Robin smartphone. If you don’t remember, Robin was a cloud-centric smartphone from Nextbit. It had a really great design and it was running on the basis of cloud storage. Everything was synced with the cloud storage. Personally saying, it was one of my most favorite design ever.

Recently, the popular gaming hardware maker Razer has acquired Nextbit. Since that, the tech world was expecting the retirement of Robin series. But now it became a disappointing news for many of them. Because Robin was more than just an Android smartphone, it was an innovation. Innovative design and innovative functionality.

However, the company has announced that they will fix some of the known issues before the retirement. Also, stated that they will continue all other communications about the device via email only. However, there are so many rumors that suggest that Razer is planning to build up a mobile business with the Nextbit technology. If it is true, We will see a new generation Razer smartphones in the market.

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  1. Christy says

    So fast. Why ? I loved this design.

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