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Technology is playing significant role in reshaping the world. Where our living standards have experienced awesome changes, we are heading towards some terrible facts too. Only a few years before, there was no concept of smartphones but the last decade spent has observed tremendous swaps in technology and especially the smartphone industry changed everything from means of communication to source of entertainment. When it comes to cell phones, Android phones are the most sold and used phones in the world. More than 70% users have Android phones while others have iPhones or window phones.

If you are a parent, an employer or an individual with family and spouse, the post is really for you as we are going to cover an important issue of today. Android phone has the maximum use but when you buy your teens a smartphone and let him/her enjoy, you forget few things. If they can learn good things on their phones, the otherwise side can attract them to get engaged in unhealthy and inappropriate activities on their Android phones as well. In order to facilitate the parents, employees and other individuals, we are discussing the best Android spy app that lets you enjoy standardized monitoring without letting your target even smell it. Yes, this is none other than TheOneSpy monitoring app is very reliable, the most used and cost-effective monitoring app. Let’s dive into what the app offers to Android users.

Mic and Camera Bug

There are hardly a few apps that provide users with camera and mic bugging feature but TheOneSpy is the first app in the race to introduce bugging, and it has been a long time, so it’s very much optimized, works perfectly and lets you record surround voices and capture photos in the surrounding of the target Android device. Not only the app updates files immediately but never misses any moment that you want to capture either.

Check Text Messages and Calls

This is a primary feature in all monitoring apps, so TheOneSpy offers as well. With this feature, you can read all the incoming and outgoing text messages on your target device. When it comes to recording calls, all the calls whether incoming or outgoing, the feature lets you check, get updates and other details like contact numbers, call durations, histories as well.

Monitor Instant Messengers

Instant Messengers include all the social media apps and websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Line Messenger, Gmail, and others. The app gives access to the chat histories on all these messengers to check what your target person is doing and who he/she communicates.

Snoop into Internet History

Traditionally, the old monitoring apps were just limited to spying on text messages, calls and maximum they could track locations of the targeted individuals, but this innovative app lets you snoop into the internet histories on the Android device and check which sites, apps or URLs your child or targeted person has been using. It’s very useful feature for the parents who want to keep their teens away from the dangerous app, websites and never wish them to browse inappropriate sites.

Track GPS Location

With TheOneSpy monitoring app, you are powerful enough to figure out anytime where you targeted

person is. You can check the locations, moving; the places visited and even mark certain areas as safe

and unsafe too. The app records the history of all locations and you can easily check out daily, weekly or monthly file logs containing location details.


TheOneSpy app is unanimously one of the best, most reliable and top-notch monitoring app nowadays. Millions of users monitoring their teens, employees and other individuals have shows great appreciation to the success of the app. It competes in the marks when it comes to features, technical and customer support, affordability and functionality too.

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