Maru OS with Desktop Mode exits Private Beta; now available for Nexus 5

Android OS is known as the most advanced and customisation enabled Smartphone Operating System in the universe. There are many custom ROMs are available to many smartphones from developers, based on Android OS. As the Android had many pros, they couldn’t introduce a Desktop Mode. Windows Continuum, the Screen expandable feature, which lets you to connect the Windows 10 Mobile to the PC and use the smartphone in the boasting of a PC.


None of the Custom ROM developers were tried an attempt based on this. The Maru OS was unique from all of them, which is enabled with the Desktop expanding feature, which turns your Android device into a Linux PC CPU, and show it on PC. The screen mirroring was enabled via wireless connectivity technologies including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The Maru OS Custom ROM was in Beta stage, which has been done privately for some selected testers only. Now the ROM goes official (v0.2.3), and open for first time for the Nexus 5 users. You can download and Flash it on your Nexus 5 from the Maru’s official website, to feel the real Linux engine’s simplicity and power using your smartphone. It might be very easier to flash, as w can do in the cases of other ROMs.

Download Maru OS from Here

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