How to Protect Your Smartphone Display

Most modern smartphones are rather durable. You don’t really need to worry about scratching or breaking your smartphone display; well, as long as you use it appropriately. You can’t just throw your phone around; if you want it to look good even after you’ve been using it for a few months, you’ll need to learn to protect it.

To help you keep your device safe for much longer, these are the display protection tips you need to keep in mind.

Don’t leave the display idle

Are you aware of the term burn-in? Your smartphone might suffer from this when you let the display idle for too long. Idling means that you forget to deactivate the display when you’re not using it. This doesn’t happen after just a few minutes though. You need to allow the smartphone display to idle for an extended period for it to burn-in.

Now, burn-in will result in some afterimage or ghosting to appear on the screen. There are different ways you can fix it. However, the most protective way is to set the lock screen to turn off after a certain amount of time and preventing idling for taking place in the first place.

Know the limits

You should be aware of the kind of action your phone can take. This means understanding how water resistance the phone is and how much weight you are able to put on the display before it would crack. You can find information on the use in the phone’s manual.

One of the most common things to avoid is sunlight. Smartphones are not friends of direct sun exposure. Never leave the phone in the sun and try to ensure you use it under a shade. Direct sunlight can not only overheat the smartphone but actually, reduce the quality of your LED display.

Another thing that can damage the display is another electrical device. Electrostatic discharge can be especially tricky for a smartphone and it might mess up the display and the operating system. However, despite the popular belief, a magnet is unlikely to do a lot of damage to your screen. It might only put your built-in magnetic sensor out of proper position, but the display won’t suffer.

Use only your fingers or a stylus

When it comes to using the smartphone, you really shouldn’t pick anything other than your very own fingers or a stylus. Other materials or products might work, but secretly keep scratching or harming the surface. Eventually, your display might stop working as well as it has and you’re faced with having to spend money on a new phone.

When using the smartphone, ensure your fingers are clean! You also want to regularly wipe the screen with an appropriate cloth. When using a stylus, stick with the brand and model. You can find replacement styluses online if you happen to lose one or your phone didn’t even come with a stylus.

Buy a protective cover

You should also play it safe and add a bit of extra protection on your smartphone display. You could do two things – both of which can be done on the same phone or you could just pick the protective option you like the best.

How to Protect Your Smartphone Display 4The first option is to buy a screen protector. This would be a special film you apply on top of the screen to enhance it and protect it. The key is to pick a reputable brand, especially one supported or suggested by your smartphone provider. The film can be replaced once it gets too dirty and it’s good at keeping your phone from scratching.

Your other option is to pick a smartphone case that also protects the screen. For example, some covers fold on top of the screen and therefore, protect it from damage. The case might even prevent the display from cracking that easily when you drop it. You can find smartphone cases online from various retailers. Check for offers with retailers like Just Mobile and Photobox.

Clean it with the right tools

As mentioned above, when you clean the display, you need to use the right products. Microfiber cloths are the best and you can generally get those with your sunglasses. Sometimes the phone manufacturers will also sell their own model, which is a good pick. If you are using a moist cloth to get rid of stains, ensure the water is distilled. Normal tap water might include too much calcium and other minerals, which will end up causing more damage and staining than you wanted. Furthermore, if you use a moist cloth on the display, allow it to dry in flat position. You don’t want some small drops of water to accidentally get pushed inside the phone.

Your smartphone display is made of tough materials. Indeed, most modern Android devices are made with gorilla glass that’s almost impossible to ruin. However, it doesn’t mean you should be careless with your phone. With the above tips in mind, you can protect your smartphone display and enjoy your phone for longer.

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