Pixel 2 Olixar cases showing the Pixel 2 image renders

The Best time to work hard for the best smartphones has come. The Case makers and Utility makers already did their job excellently. The season for some new smartphones is approaching the smartphone world. During this period the manufacturers are creating cases and covers with computer generated images rendering the upcoming smartphones.

Whatever it is, the case manufacturer or the phone manufacturer does not confirm those pictures. What is new today is that the Pixel 2 devices made an appearance in the Olixar Cases for Pixel 2. This one is entirely new for us. The arisen doubts are depended up on Olixar FlexiShield case appeared in Mobiefun.

THe design renders were very likely to the leaked images of Pixel 2 devices last week. The piece of glass on the back is still evident in the rendered images. There is also one extra wide-slit for earphones right above the elongated display. We weren’t able to see a second speaker, or if shadows are hiding it.

Also, a minor change to note down. The camera flashes had changed their positions to the outer edges of the camera. It is located towards the phone’s corner instead of the middle. The Camera is also showing some changes which are difficult to figure out from such an image. Also these Olixar cases are not having an opening for 3.5 mm jack.

These all are the deductions made from a case cover for Google Pixel 2. The cases cost $5.99 in the USA.

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