Pebble unveils Jukebox, a slim & portable Bluetooth speaker with a new design

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The premium mobile accessory manufacturer Pebble has unveiled their new product in India. The company has launched the new product named as Jukebox, which is a mini portable Bluetooth speaker. The jukebox is a very slim Bluetooth speaker and its design is the biggest USP of that product. You can check out the comparison of several such types of portable speakers at trustedcomparison.

Key features of Pebble Jukebox:

  • Play music wirelessly through Bluetooth technology
  • Inbuilt microphone for hands-free talking/calling
  • Super powerful and loud
  • Supports aux and microSD cards
  • Sleek and small design makes it easy to carry around 

The Jukebox weighs around 145 grams and has a Bluetooth range up to 10 meters. Additionally, it has an inbuilt microphone, which allows you to receive or make calls. The speaker also features AUX port (it comes with bundled with AUX cables) through which one can connect it to any device.

Ms. Komal Agarwal, Director Marketing, Pebble said:

“We believe in the perfect amalgamation of quality and lifestyle design. Pebble Jukebox is the best entertainment device on the offer that enables you to carry music wherever you go. The compact modern design, high-quality sound, affordability, and convenience will make it stand out among premium Bluetooth speakers available in the market today.” 

The new Pebble Jukebox costs Rs. 1199 and you can get it from the leading e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

  1. Jitendra Hari says

    Is it better than Mi bluetooth speaker?

    1. Akhil G says

      I am requesting them for a review unit. So that I can compare both of them.

  2. Kumari Keder says

    Hi, I am in love with its design. Is it a good choice? I am interested in buying this.

    1. Akhil G says

      Looks cool. Please wait for our review.

  3. Mahesh Varma says

    Will you review it for us? Please..

    1. Akhil G says

      Sure thing brother. I am requesting them for a review unit.

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