“OK, Google”: Google rolls out new appearance for Android Search; only for selected users

Have you ever sad that you are seeing the traditional Search looks o Google mobile? The time has come to wash out those worries. Google has released a new appearance and animations for android mobile Google Search App for selected users. However, this may be a test roll out or something initial like beta testing. Also there is not any official declaration. So, you may have to expect that this will disappear without any further notifications if the response is negative.

Also the changes made to the app is not much relevant. Even though the search results have much better appearance, in coordination with Google Pixel devices. While searching results, the results are showing smoother and softer. A rounded edge view of the window and four coloured little dots creates notion of Pixel and Pixel XL. Those corresponds to the Google Logo as well.

There is a common strategy or something, that is whenever something new is introduced there will be some bug-like problems. Here too we are going to face something. The search results for some are reduced to three lines instead of four. This makes a bit accessibility issue. This is because of the change in the font size and spacing between lines of the web results shown. The reports say that some android users are on seeing these changes, but not yet on iOS. We are humbly difficult to say even it is permanent or a test change for selected users, that could be removed at any instant.

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