Nokia’s new owner HMD Global gets Leadership Change

The legendary manufacturer Nokia has been acquired by the Finnish startup company HMD Global in order to build new smartphones in Nokia’s label, and they have already launched several devices like 3310, Nokia 3, 5 and 6. The company successful in delivering the devices’ presence to the different part of the world, and we cannot really ignore the executive hands behind the success. But unfortunately, now the HMD Global CEO Arto Ummela, one of the veterans in the history of Nokia, has decided to leave his position and from the entire company too which is likely to pit the company in trouble.

Quoting the words of Sam Chin, the Chairman of boards on HMD Global Oy: “Arto Nummela has played a key role in the creation of the HMD Global operation, building the team and launching our first products. On behalf of the whole Board, I thank Arto for his contribution and wish him well in his future endeavors”. Just after the resignation of Arto from his designation, the company has appointed Florian Seiche, the current President of HMD, as the new CEO. Mr. Seiche has been co-leading the company as President since the very beginning.

We are not sure whether there are any issues regarding the smartphone manufacturing or other sections, which led to the CEO’s resignation. Although, the immediate action from the company CEO is so crucial while the HMD is currently working hard on to seek a possible markets and getting ready to launch their flagship device Nokia 8 on July 31, according to reports. The company also commented on the instance that it was a just personal matter between Arto and the Board.

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