New Leaks of Sense UI 8.0 for HTC 10 are Rendered out

The HTC’s Flagship HTC 10 Smartphone is reaching closer to the Smartphone world. The Device will be unveiled on April 12th, may be with a new Desire. Here is the new leak of the Sense 8.0 UI, specially designed for HTC 10, whereas there was one more leak of this UI, a few days ago. Let’s give an attention towards the Desirable Designations of Sense 8.0 UI.
From the leaked screenshots, we can see the details of what is new in the Sense 8.0 UI. And it’s nothing like its predecessor. HTC may announce a new set of features such as Freestyle Layouts. These may give a new interface action for the user to interact with the Phone.

The next what we see is, now you can place beautiful stickers on your home screen together with the apps freely, that is other than grid mode. Stickers are perfectly stuffed to the interface which are directly linked to the apps, which is a new facility only in HTC till now. Let’s hope, it also can give something new to the user.
We are not saying about HTC 10 smartphone, eventhough we have to mention that the combined action of Snapdragon 810 and Sense 8.0 UI can give the users, a very new and powerful experience.
And let’s hope that the leaked screenshots are real, so that the users will get something new in the future and it’s a positive sign showing HTC will change the things through its new Flagship. Stay tuned to peek the news about HTC 10 first from us.

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