HTC tests Boost+ App; an optimizer App

Most of the Smartphone manufacturers have been added their own Memory Cleaner and Phone optimizer apps as inbuilt on their devices. Now HTC is also entering into that section with a new optimizer app named Boost+. Recently, HTC have been rolled out the preview for the Boost+ app for every Android devices which can be grabbed from HTC Preview program.


Before the arrival of OEMs with their own cleaners, its position was ruled by some third party apps like CleanMaster. Those apps cleaned the junk and RAM memory at its best, but they couldn’t maintain the battery consuming level. So they were named as ‘evil saviours’, those were cleaned phone memory and drained out the battery power simultaneously. Here is the relevancy of the optimizer apps from OEMs itself. The could maintain the both battery and RAM usage at the same time.

The Boost+ from HTC is just like that of the normal Optimization apps from other manufacturers. But seems something more included. By tapping the boost button, the app will kill every unwanted and extra background tasks and hosts including Google App. But closing every Application and background tasks can also hurt your battery pack. Restarting every stopped tasks momentarily will cause a largest drainage for a while. The Cache cleaner for the App is somewhat impressive. But clearing every Cache including browser and recent app caches could kill all your doing tasks and let you into do everything one by one from the beginning itself.

There is a RAM cleaner facility also included within the Boost+ App by HTC. But we are totally confused about a RAM Cleaner. Lie Cache files, datas stored in the RAM is also more important to the user as well as the Phone. The files in RAM may include system and hardware driver files. Clearing them from the primary memory may cause the system misbehaving. An Applock facility is also included with the Optimize and cleaning App, with the pattern lock security feature. But the overlaying Ads on lock screen is a bit diappointing one.

UI for the Boost+ App is nice to look, with Elemnet design adopted by Google in Android 6.0 and Android N preview. Anyway, the overall performance and design for the App is impressive. As it is in testing preview state, we have to wait until the HTC inegrate the App with upcoming HTC 10 flagship, which would be topped with Sense UI 8.0 .

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