Mysterious Sony flagship spotted on Geekbench

Sony reportedly has been working with several smartphones to launch in Berlin IFA 2017 to be held by next month. It is obvious that one of them must be a top-tier flagship smartphone, consisted with powerful SoCs and higher memory capacities. We already have heard about several rumors regarding the devices which are being made by the Japanese giant in order to be unveiled at the IFA. Now, an unknown smartphone has been spotted on the Geekbench Browser with flagship specifications configured. We have not yet confirmed about the device series or the actual model number.

The mysterious Sony device found on Geekbench shows the model number as G8341, listing out the key specification of the device. The motherboard socket number resembles the Snapdragon 835 (MSM8998), but in the CPU section, it is labeled as the 8-Core 1.90GHz Processor. So, we have not yet confirmed the presence of the Snapdragon 85 with the smartphone. Anyways, the device must be so powerful. The smartphone has 4GB of RAM and runs Android 7.1.1 Nougat on the board. The smartphone scores 1909 in SIngle COre section and 6459 in multi-core performace, which is greater compared to the rivals. So the mysterious device ust the be upcoming Sony Xperia XZ1, says the source.

Mysterious Sony flagship spotted on Geekbench 2
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Several weeks ago, the FCC certification panel result displayed the three of Sony’s upcoming smartphones namely  PY7-56331Y, PY7-81775I and PY7-68552B. Among these, two were reportedly confirmed as Xpera XZ1 and XZ Compact. But the third one has not been confirmed, a with the latest Geekbench leak it seems like SOny is planning something big. As last couple years were so hard for Sny Corporation, we can expect that they will build smartphones with better VFM specifications.

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