LG V30 rumored to come without a secondary display

The latest set of rumors coming out the smartphone industry screen that the SOuth Korean OEM giant LG is before removing the secondary ticker display from their upcoming LG V30 smartphone. The LG V series smartphones were stood uniquely among other devices with a secondary display om the top of the primary display.

Previous models in V series, V10, and V20 had the secondary display mounted which could be used in many ways. It was helpful in acting as an app dock, quick access panels and in seeing many other icons and notification reviews without turning on the main display. It also functioned as ‘always-on’ screen. If the L s going ahead with removing the secondary display from the series, the significant feature in the flagship lineup would be lost and will leave no words to say anything special abut it. But the rumors suggest that, the LG is not just removing the display, yet they will make the display bigger and wider with 18:9 ratio, same as they didi with LG G6. So we can also expect a bezel-less series of devices from V series, from V30 onwards.

Apart from these rumors, the upcoming flagship smartphone expected to be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 Chipset under its hood. As one of the best display manufacturers, and with their latest technology, LG is expected to deploy an OLED display in LG V30 with something innovative.

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