LG Hosting Developer Conference, Focused on G5 Modules

LG is Hosting a “Developer Conference”

The Reason for hosting this Conference is to educate Developer for Creating Expansion Modules for the G5. At The MWC, LG Stated that they will host a ecosystem in which developers who wanna create modules for their product. Manufacturer’s will Provide the Technical how-to and additional support.

As the G5 is the first module phone in 2016, So the Market has very less support of it. The Company will take forward the Modular design further in 2016. They will ensure capability with Future Manufacturer¬†phones. Price point of modules is still unknown. Manufacture’s official CAM Plus and Hi-Fi Plus modules set to be “reasonably” priced.


We shall get to know about it later.¬†Manufacturer¬†also mentioned that a Software development kit and Hardware development kit, “LG Friends” will release next month. it will help in getting developers all the resources required to get started with module creation for the G5.

Source: Manufacturer

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