Huawei loses more power; SD association, Wi-Fi Alliance, and some USB standards exclude the brand

As we all know, Huawei is having a very bad time now. This week was really hell for the brand as the US Government body banned the companies from working with Huawei consumer group. Earlier this week, Google removed Huawei’s access to use the world’s most used operating system – Android platform. Followed by that, chip makers like Qualcomm and Intel have revoked their business relations with Huawei. Now the brand is experiencing even more issues with deeper business issues.

Firstly, the organization which carries the trademark and licenses for SD cards known as SD Association revoked their association with Huawei to comply with US laws. Since it is located in California, it comes under the jurisdiction of the United States. That means Huawei can no longer use SD card slots in any of their future phones until the US Government excludes the brand from the blacklist. Followed by this, Wi-Fi Alliance, which certifies the Wi-Fi products also stopped working with Huawei. Not only these, the USB and RAM standards company JEDEC also stopped working with Huawei.

So it is confirmed that the Huawei consumer group can’t make any phones with Android, Bluetooth capability enabled ARM processors, SD card, and Wi-Fi capabilities until the Government lifts the ban. Certainly, it is not a good time for the brand as it will drastically affect the company and its existence.




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