How to cut a video into parts using Video Editing Software

Sometimes while recording a video, few reluctant particles spoil the entire shot. Therefore you have to delete the whole video, no matter how much perfection you have devoted for that shoot. Probably you had the thought for perhaps you could save the other great shots of that particular clip. You have wondered about how to cut a video into parts, the spoiled one to delete and the good one to save for the memory.

‘Movavi video editor’ enables you to secure your memory in parts and even in a more beautiful way. It helps you to cut down your video in parts and save them in your desired locations. You just need to follow a few simple steps to get your dream clip shot.

  1. Download and Install the Movavi Video Editor – Firstly, you should start from downloading the Movavi video Editor for your PC or Mac. This will show an easy and understandable note for everyone. That can easily guide you about the usages of the software. As it enables you to interpret how to cut a video into parts, how to merge the clips and other editing related phases of the video editor using this video editing software by Movavi. How to cut a video into parts using Video Editing Software 4
  1. Adding the file – After installing Movavi Video Editor, the second step is to add the clip or video to the software that is required to edit or split. Here are two ways for the same, one is you can easily select the file and drag it to your editor timeline. The second one is, click on ‘Add Media files’ and browse accordingly to add it on that aimed timeline.


  • The splitting time – If we start to talk about how to cut a video into parts, you will have two options to cut any video clip. First is to cut the particular clip in two parts. For this, you need to preview the clips in the timeline of the Video editor and then move the red mark on the playing. Then click on the ‘split’ button and you get two parts of that clip, without losing any particle of the clip.

The other one is to delete the particular part from a running video. The reluctant part of one clip will be removed by moving the red mark on the start, click split and then end part of that section, click split again. Now your entire video is completely free from that unwanted section.


  1. Save the required file – After getting the required video shot, now it’s time to save the file in its appropriate designation. Click on ‘Export’ and choose the required format for your file (as AVI, MP4, WMV and so on). Select the desired folder and then save to that and star.

Therefore, your no shot will be wasted just for some unwilling craps. You can save the splendid clips as now you know how to cut a video into parts, and you can get the desired clips in a number of different files. These shots will be easy to access, move and restore.

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