How to book Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2, Next sale dates, price, specifications, tips and guides

Reliance Jio had released the second generation of the company’s feature cellphone Jio Phone 2 at a very handy price in India. The telecom service provider began a strong wave in the Indian cellular network industry with cheap rated data packs, free calls and even smartphones at affordable price tags. Reliance group Managing Director Mukesh Ambani announced the first generation Jio Phone for common class people across the country with lots of offers and extra features included. The second generation phone is still a feature one, but with a QWERTY keypad and a bigger screen.

The Jio Phone 2 is available to buy through the Jio official website. Lately, the website had crashed several times during the flash sale due to the uncontrolled traffic to their servers. Including the first generation Jio Phone, the company claims to have sold over 25 million units so far. Here are some facts and guidelines to check before buying the Jio Phone 2.

  • Jio Phone 2 Specifications, Price
  • How to book Jio Phone?
  • How to book Jio Phone 2?
  • Flash sale dates
  • Offers for Jio Phone users

Jio Phone 2 Specifications, Price

Jio Phone 2 comes with a 2.4-inch QVGA non-touch TFT LCD display. Unlike the preceding model, the Jio Phone 2 has a much wider design with a QWERTY physical keypad, which reminds of Blackberry devices. There are also many extra function buttons added around the navigation button on the middle. The battery pack of 2000mAh offers a standby up to 15 days in a single full charge.

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Jio Phone 2 is provided with a 2MP rear and 0.3MP VGA front camera to take out the entertainment from such a basic phone. The phone also supports SD Card, FM Radio. The company also provides a dedicated button for Jio Voice Assistant or Google Assistant even while the device does not run on Android OS. All new JioMediaCable can extend your phone screen to a bigger television. The basic price of the Jio Phone 2 is Rs. 2,999.

How to book a Jio Phone?

Even though the Reliance Jio group launched the second generation of Jio Phone, the previous model is still on the market and anyone can buy at half the price of the latest one. You need to register in the Jio website to get a new one. Here is how to book a first generation Jio Phone.


How to book Jio Phone
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  1. Go to the Jio Phone Sales page on the Jio website.
  2. Scroll now and tap on the “Get Now” button at the top.
  3. From the next window, enter your phone number and enter the OTP to book your appointment to get the Jio Phone.
  4. Provide your address details.
  5. Choose the interested scheme (exchange offer or without exchange).

After booking confirmation, a new device will receive to you very soon.

How to book Jio Phone 2?

The second generation, as same as the first gen Jio Phone, is also available to purchase from the Jio website. Due to the limited availability, you need to wait until the flash sale. Check the coming flash sale dates for Jio Phone 2. Here you can find how to order a fresh new Jio Phone 2 feature phone with the QWERTY keypad.


How to book Jio Phone 2
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  1. Navigate to Jio Phone 2 download section page.
  2. There you could find the date for the next flash sale.
  3. If you are buying at the right time for flash sale, you will see the Buy Now button.
  4. Click on it, choose the address and finish payments to get the phone.

The next sale is on September 6th at noon 12 PM. You need to stay ready for the ready even before the sale time to grab on because of the great demand.

Jio Phone 2 Flash sale dates in India

These are the expected flash sale dates for Jio Phone 2 in India.

  • August 6
  • September 13
  • September 20
  • September 27
  • October 4
  • October 12

Offers for Jio Phone 2 users

The Jio Phone users will get a plenty of offers and data balance for free, worth thousands of rupees. Here are some of them.

  • Unlimited access to all Jio Apps.
  • RC49: 1GB Data, free voice calls, 50 SMS, 28 days
  • RC99: 14GB Data, free voice calls, 300 SMS, 28 days
  • RC153: 42GB Data, free voice calls, unlimited SMS, 28 days
  • Amount refund for first gen Jio Phone.

Stay tuned with AndroidHits to know more about Jio Phone and other budget oriented cell phones.

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