Hotstar goes international; now streams Full HD (1080p) too

Indian origin online TV streaming platform Hotstar now goes International by the official app launch in several countries in including USA and Canada. Along with the new international versions, the Hotsatr has just started streaming Full HD (1080P resolution) contents too.

So far in the country, Hotstar has been streaming the contents with the maximum resolution of HD (720p), even while they started airing the Game of Thrones TV Series in India. The new addition of higher resolution must be a move to withstand against key international competitors – Netflix and Amazon Prime. But it would not be enough for the Hotstar to get in the arena of the Premium streaming app listing as the other two already supports up to 4K, whereas the HOtstar has now just gotten 1080P only.

The Full HD content is currently not available for every single show; but limited to several international titles including Game of Thrones, How I Met Your Mother, etc.

The US airing price listing of Hotstar starts from just USD 9.99 per month, where it is CAD 12.99 in Canada. Also, it drives a one month free trial for newly registering users. You can get the Full HD resolution at the single price tag, which makes no much difference from the Netflix and Amazon Prime pricing in the United States.

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