Hangouts gives free calls to Belgium and Turkey due to terrorist attacks

We all are praying deeply for our friends in the Brussels in Belgium and Turkey which the places are in chaos due to the recent terrorist attack by an ISIS suicide bomber at Belgium and the violence in Turkey. Victims of these attacks are suffering with pain and became homeless, hopeless and helpless. At this time the whole world is looking on wards the new emerging technologies, for what they can do. But we had found few among them as saviours.

Now the Google put forward their Hangouts services to help the victims on these countries, which should be appreciated. Google’s very own Hangouts gives free calls for everyone to anyone in the Belgium and Turkey, to the major carriers like Lycamobile, Mobistar, Proximus, and Telenet and to all landlines in Turkey.

Additionally Google publishes Google Now cards for people in Belgium with direct condition updates and links to the Belgium Government disaster and crisis management systems. And also gives the helpful search results related to the attacks for the victims.

So, let’s bring us forward through the technology for helping the people who are suffering, and it is a best example and model for others for How should be the technology help the Man.


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