Google Photos updated with Smart Photo Albums

Google Photos Updated

New Change occurred in the google photos app and the website as well.Google Photos updated with smart photo albums. The update is rolling out to the Website, iOS app and Android App now. If you haven’t grabbed the update yet. Go Ahead and update your Google Photos app both on android and iOS.

What’s New in Update?

The company has started rolling out new update which brings some functionality changes to the Photos ap as well as website.

  • Starting today with this update, Google Photos will create a new album for your every trip you visit.
  • It’ll also add Maps & location to show how far you traveled & where you traveled.
  • Even it’ll record where you made your tent for stay in the night.
  • You can also add text captions to the album & describe it in your own ways.
  • Now is you want ot change or edit some in the album , you can ow customize it with maps, location pins, and text etc.
  • When viewing search results, tap ▼ to see all the photos from that day
  • Performance improvements

Source: Google Official Blog


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