Google welcomes Olympics by launching Doodle Fruit Games

The Olympics starts this week and Google is launching a new interactive doodle in the Google App for iOS and Android to celebrate it for the next seven days, every day a different one.

So even if you can’t be an audience in Rio, you could support Olympics by navigating a bunch of tasty fruits through a mock Olympic decathlon, where your enemy is an angry melon pursuing you. Somewhat similar to Temple Run.

Google expect that you will find these fruits “apPEELing” (Exactly what Google wrote, i hope it will make sense when you play the Apple game). From the information i got, there is a biking game, water polo, spider hurdle jumping, a coconut and pineapple playing tennis, and more. there is also a game in which a cute berry is trying to outrun an over aggressive melon that’s trying to smash it, the melon doesn’t show any Olympic spirit.

Its clear that someone at Google had a lot of fun programming this game.

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