Google rumored to have cancelled new Pixel XL variant

It has been rumored that the Google is working on three new Smartphones, to be considered as the succeeding models in Pixel lineup. Earlier rumors suggested that the three devices were internally codenamed as “Walleye”, “Muskie”, and “Taimen” with display sizes large to largest respectively. Now the newer rumors claims that the Google might have supposedly cancelled the plan of next generation Pixel XL device codename as “Muskie”, having intermediate display size.

It is not clear why the Google now went for such decision, instead of making one more model. But the Google will probably not want to create a flood of overhyped “Made By Google” Smartphones, instead lesser will make them perfect. While launching the second generation of Pixel devices, Google will likely introduce a smaller Pixel and way larger Pixel XL with lesser bezel and extravagant parts around the display to create popularity among consumers who are often obsessed by LG G6 and Galaxy S8/S8+ Smartphones.

The reports claim that the Tech Giant is getting ready to announce the devices by the H2 2017, to be powered with Snapdragon 835 and serious amount of RAM equipped. Anyways, the Google will surely give out a well crafted piece of engineering like the preceding Pixel devices, with highest DxOMark scoring camera.

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