BBM Enterprise SDK is now available publicly for developers

One of the most popular instant messaging platforms of all time the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) by the most secure gadget OEM is already available in Android and iOS platforms. Now the Blackberry has announced the public availability of BBM Enterprise SDK for developers who want to integrate their app with BBM.

By making the SDK public for all the Blackberry aims towards an Enterprise Business model to make the BBM base more stringer and feel reliable among users and developers. The BBME SDK can be used to integrate with App developments, which could be utilised in secure calls, chats and video communications. So, integrating a way secure chat option or platform inside an app will become easier for developers, as the Blackberry provides it as a CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service).

“The BBM Enterprise SDK allows developers to quickly integrate secure, enterprise-grade communications functionality into custom apps, delivering a unique, streamlined mobile collaboration experience to users. The BBME SDK is an IP-based solution running on the BlackBerry NOC network”, says Blackberry.

As Evey communication passing through BBM SDK are done through BBM severs, the company ensures 100% safety and security to the users. If you’re a developer and like to get your hands on BBME SDK, you can download it from Blackberry official website.

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