Google is reportedly testing a Group Conversation App named Spaces

Google has been testing plenty of variety of Apps for Android devices nowadays, and most of them are ready to be out and some are not. Now it seems to like that Google is currently working on an App named Spaces, which has been hinted as a Group conversation media. But the Google made the testing Beta version for Spaces as private-beta, so you are not gonna have look at it, and see how it works. Also, it uses only an internal server now, so no use with an apk file too.

The images shows that Spaces is a group conversation app, having improved features and styles than contemporary methods used in Messaging Apps. Spaces allows to create several groups with specific topics, and to give an avatar or profile image to it. It seems that the Spaces will function like an instant messenger application like WhatsApp Messenger and Facebook Messenger. But the groups could be public and we can search for any group which we want to get approval for join. Also we may able to see our timeline or activities among different space groups.


The chat box for Spaces shows messages of texts and images. The attachment section for a conversation includes only two icons, denote one for Image and other for Camera. Unfortunately, there is no video option seen for send support section. Interestingly, it includes a hyper linking icon, which may hints to the feature that allows the users to add links to any texts or words, so we can add links to any text without giving links directly as text for message.

Not only the Google, there are so many developers are now working on to make their own messenger apps in this social media era. But it is a truth that most of them are failing. The Hangouts by Google itself was an example, but it is still alive. Currently the app is in dogfood testing stage, so we cannot assure about the availability of the app. So we can wait and see, if the Spaces, the upcoming messenger app from Google, will fill the spaces among social media make a new space for group chatting.


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